Eighth work- Ardat Lili

In this work, we are going to work with Ardat Lili. Ardat Lili is one of the faces of Lilith, probably one of the oldest. It comes from ancient Sumeria where she was portrayed as a storm spirit, a vampiric succubus who visited men at night and conceived demons from them. There are not many information about this mask of the Goddess, so this is all to be said.

Different from previous works, this time we are going to work only for three nights in a row. Our goal is to harmonize ourselves with Ardat Lili and conceive a Demon (Servitor) from her that will be our guide and assistant in our magical practices. A servitor is a spirit you create or receive from an Entity. It helps you to achieve things. You can create one to stay with you for a short period of time or to stay permanently. For us, we will request from Ardat Lili a spirit to help us in our general lives, showing and helping us to do whatever we need in order to achieve success and happiness, whatever they mean to you. However, if you prefer one to do a specific task, go forward it!

All works should be performed at midnight from Friday to Sunday.

DAY 1-

Turn off the lights. Close your eyes and relax. Start chanting ARDAT LILI. Do this until you feel a presence. When this happens, close your eyes again and keep chanting the name until Ardat Lili makes herself present.

Talk to her. Say how much you wish to get to know her and conceive a demon from her to help you. At this point, you should promise her something. It may be a candle, flowers… any offer you might find suitable. You should offer it at the end of the third day or the day after you finish this work, this would be the fourth day.

If you can, go to bed immediatly. Chant ARDAT LILI in your mind until you fall asleep. Pay attention to your dreams.

DAY 2-

Follow the same steps as for the previous day, but, this time, when you go to bed, while chanting ARDAT LILI, you masturbate focusing on your servitor. You do this: While chanting ARDAT LILI, you visualize a demon being born with those qualities you need to be helped.

After you reach orgasm, ask Ardat Lili to feed from it and do whatever she wants with the energies you realeased.

DAY 3-

On the last day, you do the same as for the second day, but after reaching orgasm, you visualize Ardat Lili with a baby on her arms. She delivers it to you. When you take it, you look at its eyes and you see they are demonic. By looking at it, it gets attached to you and connection is made.

At this point, ask both your servitor and Ardat Lili to give you details about it. How it will work, what are its powers, how you can feed it, etc. You may receive the answers immediately or later on.

Now, you just need to thank Ardat Lili and give her the offer you promised. If you want, you can also offer something to your Servitor to strengthen your connection.

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