First work- Lilith, the serpent. In this ritual, we will work and contact Lilith and her mask of the Serpent. This ritual lasts for 6 days. To access it, click HERE.

REPORT– First work. Take a look at what some people experienced during the first work. Click HERE to read it.

Second work- Lilith, Queen of Sitra Ahra. In this ritual, we will work with Lilith as the Queen of Sitra Ahra, the Other Side, work with a familiar, go to an Astral Temple, awaken our consciouness and third eye, and much more. Click HERE to read it.

Third work- Entering Sitra Ahra. In this work, we will enter Sitra Ahra, known as Hell. We will meet LIlith and other Gods as well as prepare ourselves for future initiation and works with the Tree of Qliphoth. Find the ritual by clicking HERE.

Fourht work- going through the Tree of Death and preparation to initiation. In this work, we will go through each one of the qlipha from the Tree of Death, getting closer to Lilith and the other Gods/Goddesses as well as preparing ourselves to take the first initiation before deeper works start. Find the ritual by clicking HERE.

Fifth work- Initiation. It is time to reach new levels in your journey. By taking the first initiation, you will take a new and decisive step in your life. Click HERE to find the ritual.

Sixth work- Lilith, the Liberator. In this ritual, we will work with Lilith and her mask as the Liberator. We will empower ourselves and fight to combat the unequal, patriarchal society. Click HERE to have access to it.

Seventh Work- Pact with Lilith. If you want to get closer to Lilith, here’s your opportunity. This time, you will learn how to make a pact with her for whatever you desire. Click HERE to find it.

Eighth work- Ardat Lili. In this work, we are going to work with Ardat Lili and conceive a demon (servitor) from her. Click HERE to access the ritual.